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“It would be a mistake to conclude that the only way to succeed in banking is through ever greater size and diversity.  Indeed, better risk management may be the only truly necessary element of success in banking.”

Former Federal Reserve Board Chairman

Alan Greenspan



About Us

The prevailing wisdom is that risk is a bad thing. Just ask those bankers who suffered through the failures of the last banking crisis and the corporate credit union problems, or who are dealing with the current problems resulting from the energy sector downturn.   Prevailing wisdom, however, is wrong. 

It's difficult to be a high performing financial institution, to consistently exceed the performance of your peers, and meet the expectations of your shareholders, without taking risk. Risk is the essential element of the business of banking.  It is, instead, the inadequate management of risk that is the problem.


Unfortunately, financial institution managers have not been as successful at managing risk as they’d hoped. 


Cadre, Strategic Risk Solutions represents an innovative approach to understanding and managing risks faced by today's financial institutions.  From strategic business threats like fintech start-ups, lending growth, and retaining deposits to tactical threats such as cyberrisk, robbery and fraud, Cadre's consultants and systems provide the tools executives need to manage and to take advantage of risk.




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